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Who Am I


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires. Over my career, I have extensive experience working as an architect and consultant.


I was the Architecture Manager of a prestigious private bank and collaborated with the international banking and financial consultants Booz-Allen. At this time, I worked as an architect and designer of apartments, houses and commercial shops.


I was hired as a guest architect for 2 years by a design program on televisión. At the same time, I collaborated with Diners’ Club Magazine’s architecture supplement. I also introduced a prestigious Italian brand of kitchen furniture, Arc Linea, to Argentina, and had great success.


Later, I moved to Madrid to manage the opening of an Italian design

multi-store. While living there for 2 years, I participated in the prestigious Casa Cor Madrid exhibition. I completed numerous works for private clients,

as well as the central office of a company in Spain, construction major.

These works included architecture + design + corporate imaging.


Upon my return to Argentina, I continued working as an architect and I opened my own interior architecture store and studio, which became the exclusive representative of one of the best brands of Italian furniture, Georgetti and Boffi.


Then I worked for an American Investment Company as Director of Development. I was promoted to Project Manager and Project Leader of its flagship product: Algodon Mansion, a luxury hotel in Buenos Aires, as well as managing Algodon Wine Estates.


I continued working independently and completed an award-winning Apartment Hotel and its offices.


What Do I Do


Five years ago, I moved to Bali and started a new period in my life. Although there were new challenges in my professional life, I enjoyed reevaluating everything I had already learned and incorporating new and different cultures into my design. Today, the result is a mix of new emotions, changes in beliefs, and an adaptation to nature.


I have brought together a multidisciplinary team with talented young people, where we discuss, exchange ideas and make new plans. The base is in Bali but we can move wherever is necessary.


We offer a variety of services to bring your dream project to life. Our “dream factory” will allow us to fully understand your plans, and ensure they are realized in the way that you want and at the budget you have. We take great pleasure in bringing to life our clients’ dreams.

Why Me


My philosophy accompanies my own lifestyle and results from all my experiences.

This is reflected in my creative work.


Listening carefully to the needs of my clients and asking the right questions ensures I always respect their wishes and turn their dreams into reality.


I am able to advise and support my clients who wish to mix styles and moods and create the unique spaces they have dreamed about.


I value nature and its products and enjoy utilizing natural products if they fit the characteristics of a project.

I create designs that have longevity and remain stylish.


My passion is in everything I do. I put my utmost attention in all project details.

I understand that the concept of luxury has changed .... it should not only be elegant,  but must also be completely functional as well.



 - from concept to completion

 - RESIDENTIAL  homes                  

 - COMMERCIAL  office buildings, hotels, restaurants ,  spas, stores


- RESIDENTIAL homes                       

- COMMERCIAL  hotels , restaurants, spas, stores 

- New fit out or remodeling and renovating an existing space

- Homewares Production, Purchasing, and Assembly 


Residential and Commercial Spaces

  • Branding

  • Marketing 

  • Project Management

  • Budgeting and financial control

  • On-site consulting services (purchasing, interior design, shipping)






Good design is everything for me!


A design whose aesthetics and functionality helps to lead a serene, relaxed, intimate and protected life.


I use my knowledge and experience work collaborate and transform a wonderful project into a successful business!


I have extensive experience working with companies, completing market analysis to see their viability, location, choice, etc.

I can select and coordinate work teams to fit every project and ensure the successful completion of every project. 



  • My personal work, the dedication, and the experience


  • Always attend to the details and the quality control


  • I listen to my client’s needs


  • The ability to find fast and better solutions



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